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Smoothieboard 4x

Smoothieboard 4x

There are a limited number of 5xC and 5xC+R boards that just became available. Grab one while they last!


We currently have plenty of stock of 4xC, 3xC and 0x boards.


The latest version of Smoothieboard is an even quieter platform with new stepper drivers featuring 32x microstepping! Smoothieboard v1.1 also adds hardening to key systems such as the Small Mosfets while retaining the same overall feature set as the original boards.


The new 0x variant is also available for purchase now. Get a barebones Smoothieboard with no stepper drivers or mosfets for your next hacking project. (Smoothieboard 0x is currently only available with v1.0b pcbs)


Orders generally ship in 1 to 2 business days.


If you are interested in bulk sales please contact shop@uberclock.com.


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