Why just overclock?

SPI Thermocouple


The Uberclock SPI Thermocouple Reader is based on the MAX31855 for type K thermocouples (datasheet here). With a sensing range from -270C to 1372C a type K thermocouple can be used to monitor both higher and lower temperatures than a common thermistor. With 0.25C resolution, built in cold junction compensation and fault reporting this sensor is robust and very easy to use.


Comes in two flavors. The first has a generic 2x3 pin header and black pcb that matches Smoothieboard. The second style (coming soon along with better photos of production boards) uses a "Papilio Wing" style connector and has a red pcb to match a Papilio. The Papilio Wing style also includes a transistor for driving an external SSR and is perfect for adding temperature control to a Papilio or Smoothiepanel.


Type K thermocouple is not included.