Why just overclock?

Encoder Wing


The Uberclock Encoder Wing features an RGB illuminated click encoder and a single color illuminated button. The rotary encoder makes an excellent basic interface device for many projects. Project interfaces can be designed around the encoder using a simple up/down/ok menu system. Detents (tactile clicks that you feel as the encoder is spun) make it easy to navigate lists quickly and accurately. In some ways it is similar to a potentiometer except that it can keep rotating around and around indefinitely. The red / green / blue LED built into the encoder is a fun and eye catching way to tell the user what is going on. Add some electronic bling to your next project!



Encoder Features:

  • uses two-channel quadrature gray code and has 24 pulses per channel per rotation
  • the 24 detents per rotation are matched to the quadrature pulses
  • red / green / blue LED
  • also functions as pushbutton

Button Features

  • large 12mm button has a great tactile feel
  • built in LED available in 5 colors: red, orange, green, blue, and white




Designed for use with Papilio and Smoothiepanel.