Why just overclock?

The import tariffs have not gone away ...

Posted by Mark Cooper on December 12, 2019. 0 Comments

It is regrettable that this burden must be passed on to our customers but we have no choice but to increase our prices to compensate for the import tariff currently in place on our product. Uberclock maintains and facilitates an open source project for the benefit of the open source community and we simply do not charge a high enough margin to be able to absorb this rather sudden and exorbitant increase to our cost of goods sold. As such, the prices of Smoothieboard products have been increased by approximately 10% in order to compensate for the 25% increase to the basic cost of manufacturing our product.


Please understand that these circumstances are outside our control and if we had any way to avoid doing this we would. We will continue to evaluate alternative manufacturing options as we always have in order to provide the highest quality and most cost efficient products possible.


Thank you for your support and understanding as we get through what is hopefully a temporary situation that will resolve itself soon.

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