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Dear Smoothie Community, I'm back!

Posted by Mark Cooper on October 08, 2015. 0 Comments

Dear Smoothie Community,

  I would like to apologize for and attempt to explain my sudden and unannounced absence for the past couple of months.

  Back in March several things happened at more or less the same time. There was a sale that resulting in the highest sales volume we have ever seen and accidentally overselling our first in-house produced item (the GLCD Adapters). An entire batch of shipping labels from the sale failed to print and thus did not ship. Then we went out of town for two weeks to attend MRRF (I took the train from Oregon with my family ... but that's another story ...) before we were able to complete fulfillment of the big sale. Then on return I came down with a fever for over a week. This all combined to create more e-mail than I have ever seen before and it was rather overwhelming for me.

  After I recovered from the fever we quickly caught up on getting the back orders shipped out (except for the GLCD Adapters which had pcb production issues causing further delay for another month or so for affected customers) but I was unable to catch back up with all of the e-mail. And so this went on for a few more months where I never really managed to deal with the e-mail and the stress of trying to deal with it by myself was getting out of hand for me.

  About two months ago the Smoothieboard v2 prototype reached a major milestone where it was now possible for others to begin working on the firmware and assembly tasks. I also came to a realization that I had not really taken any real days off from work in something like 2 or 3 years. Even the "vacations" I took were really just to go tell people about Smoothie. So ... I sort of went AWOL. I went outside. It's been good for me ... I've been walking around and hiking and playing with my kids. Between working on development of the v2 proto (for something like 6 months alone in the batcave) and the stress of the e-mail backlog my head has needed some time to unwind.

  On Monday I drove for 10 some hours to visit ccecil and help out for a week here at our US warehouse. Working together we have worked out the kinks on the first Smoothieboard v2 Pro prototypes and have boards ready to send to arthur-_ and wolfmanjm so they can begin to run tests on real printers. (I've heard that while I was gone they started work on the new firmware and that it's ready to move steppers and control temperature!)

  I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone who has e-mailed me and not received a response yet. We are currently setting up a slightly more robust system to where questions about Smoothie and support e-mails can be answered by a team rather than just me personally. This should prevent this sort of problem from recurring. Thank you to everyone who has been waiting for your patience while we get the last of the e-mail backlog taken care of.

Glad to be back,

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