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Smoothieboard now available for retail!

Posted by Mark Cooper on March 21, 2014. 0 Comments

  As of this last Saturday all main batch Kickstarter Smoothieboards have been shipped out to those who had responded to the survey by the time we started shipping! This marks a momentous point for The Smoothie Project. Smoothieboards are now available for retail sale. North Americans are recommended to order from http://uberclock.com/. Europeans and those located in the rest of the world can order their Smoothieboards directly fromhttp://robotseed.com/. Right now because of limited inventory on our first board round we are limiting sales to 5 Smoothieboards per individual. Thank you for understanding. We hope to be able lift this limit sometime in the next few months.

  Thank you very much to everyone who backed us on Kickstarter! It is the Kickstarter backers who made this all possible. Without them, Smoothieboard would still just be something for hard core hackers to breadboard.

  Arthur has been working on the first stretch goal and has a draft available here: http://smoothieware.org/3d-printer-guide It goes over the setup of Smoothieboard on a 3d printer along with some extra info on how things actually work. Let us know what you think. :) The other tutorials are still in the works, and in the meantime you can check out the 3d printer guide as much of the hook up is the same for almost any machine.

  The Ethernet feature that was not done when we ran the Kickstarter has since been implemented in firmware. If you would like to use this feature you will need an Ethernet jack like the ones found on Uberclock: http://shop.uberclock.com/products/hr911105a All the other surface mount components necessary are already there, except on 3x variants. Arthur should have the connectors available on RobotSeed soon and they are pretty easy to find elsewhere. Do be certain to get the correct part number though. Just because an ethernet connector *looks* like that ethernet connector doesn't mean that it has the same pinout or that it carries the necessary magnetics inside.

  Another nice accessory depending on your setup and workflow is the 5V regulator: http://shop.uberclock.com/products/switching-regulator-dc-to-dc-5v Most people can simply get their 5V to power the logic from USB. On current generation Smoothiboards there is a footprint for this part that will pull from the stepper power input to power the logic. This allows "single supply" operation of a Smoothieboard from 12V or 24V without a USB host. Another option is if you already have a 5V supply available, for example because you are using an ATX power supply, then there is also an input for that next to the stepper input.

  One of our awesome backers is currently running his own Kickstarter called EmbroiderModder 2: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/redteam316/embroidermodder-2-for-windows-mac-linux-pi-and-ard I've ordered a Brother SE400 embroidery machine so that I may follow along with his development and help ensure Smoothie compatibility with the project.

  If you are interested in a bulk order of Smoothieboards please contact us directly and we can discuss your specific needs including custom load outs. For example, we have had a suprising number of requests for a board with 2 built-in drivers. The intention being to use external drivers for nema23 motors on the three axes, and the built in drivers for extruders. We'd love to hear what your plans are! If you are in North America my address is shop@uberclock.com. If you are in Europe or the rest of the world please contact Arthur at wolf.arthur@gmail.com.

Thanks again to everyone! We have learned a lot in the past six months so it's been a very worthwhile and rewarding experience. Look forward to our next Kickstarter, Smoothiepanel, in the coming months! :)

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