Why just overclock?

The import tariffs have not gone away ...

Posted by Mark Cooper on December 12, 2019. 0 Comments

It is regrettable that this burden must be passed on to our customers but we have no choice but to increase our prices to compensate for the import tariff currently in place on our product. Uberclock maintains and facilitates an open source project for the benefit of the open source community and we simply do not charge a high enough margin to be able to absorb this rather sudden and exorbitant increase to our cost of goods sold. As such, the prices of Smoothieboard products have been increased by approximately 10% in order to compensate for the 25% increase to the basic cost of manufacturing our product.


Please understand that these circumstances are outside our control and if we had any way to avoid doing this we would. We will continue to evaluate alternative manufacturing options as we always have in order to provide the highest quality and most cost efficient products possible.

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Get ready for Smoothieboard v2

Posted by Mark Cooper on September 07, 2019. 0 Comments

The Smoothieboard v2 Kickstarter is now live! Read all about the exciting upgrades on the project page and reserve yours now: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/arthurwolf/smoothieboard-v2?ref=73xwng
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Dear Smoothie Community, I'm back!

Posted by Mark Cooper on October 08, 2015. 0 Comments

Dear Smoothie Community,

  I would like to apologize for and attempt to explain my sudden and unannounced absence for the past couple of months.

  Back in March several things happened at more or less the same time. There was a sale that resulting in the highest sales volume we have ever seen and accidentally overselling our first in-house produced item (the GLCD Adapters). An entire batch of shipping labels from the sale failed to print and thus did not ship. Then we went out of town for two weeks to attend MRRF (I took the train from Oregon with my family ... but that's another story ...) before we were able to complete fulfillment of the big sale. Then on return I came down with a fever for over a week. This all combined to create more e-mail than I have ever seen before and it was rather overwhelming for...
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MakerFaire New York 2014

Posted by Mark Cooper on September 16, 2014. 0 Comments

I will be wandering around preaching the gospel of Smoothie at MakerFaire New York this weekend, September 20 and 21. If you are in the area you should definitely come see what everyone is making. I was able to attend two years ago and it was huge ... this year should be even bigger! Well, I'm heading out for the airport. Hope to see you there! :)
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In-house pick-and-place machine means new products coming soon!

Posted by Mark Cooper on May 12, 2014. 0 Comments

Uberclock now has an in-house pick and place machine! This is going to allow me to produce small runs of new products. Here's a vid of a set of the new Encoder Wings going together. Another exciting project that will be available soon is the Mini Dev Board that puts the power of a 32-bit ARM chip into a breadboard compatible Arduino Mini form factor. A bit more directly Smoothieboard related we will soon be carrying a SPI Thermocouple controller for when a thermistor just isn't enough.


Look for these products and more soon from Uberclock! :)

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Smoothieboard now available for retail!

Posted by Mark Cooper on March 21, 2014. 0 Comments

  As of this last Saturday all main batch Kickstarter Smoothieboards have been shipped out to those who had responded to the survey by the time we started shipping! This marks a momentous point for The Smoothie Project. Smoothieboards are now available for retail sale. North Americans are recommended to order from http://uberclock.com/. Europeans and those located in the rest of the world can order their Smoothieboards directly fromhttp://robotseed.com/. Right now because of limited inventory on our first board round we are limiting sales to 5 Smoothieboards per individual. Thank you for understanding. We hope to be able lift this limit sometime in the next few months.

  Thank you very much to everyone who backed us on Kickstarter! It is the Kickstarter backers who made this all possible. Without them, Smoothieboard would still just be something for hard core hackers to breadboard.

  Arthur has been working...

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Kickstarter Smoothieboards are now shipping!

Posted by Mark Cooper on March 10, 2014. 0 Comments

All of the Kickstarter rewards Smoothieboards should ship out over the next week. As soon as they are all out, retail sales of Smoothieboards will be opened up here on uberclock.com! :) In order to prevent our inventory from running out too quickly on our first round retail sales will initially be limited to a quantity of 5 Smoothieboards per individual. If you are interested in purchasing a greater quantity than that, either to resell or to include in your own machines, please send us a message and we can discuss options.
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Uberclock now accepts Bitcoin

Posted by Mark Cooper on January 16, 2014. 0 Comments

Go through the checkout normally and you will find the Bitcoin payment option right next to the other payment options like credit cards. Bitcoin transactions will be processed by http://bitpay.com who will determine a fair exchange rate weighted by multiple exchanges at the time of purchase.

General information about Bitcoin (including a nice video) can be found at http://www.weusecoins.com/

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Stock update!

Posted by Mark Cooper on November 08, 2013. 0 Comments

Most of the basic inventory has arrived. I will continue to expand the product lines but for right now the focus is on accessories that backers of the Smoothieboard Kickstarter might want for their new Smoothieboards. Now, everything from the ethernet jacks to the usb cables are in stock and available for shipping within 1-2 business days. Except Smoothieboards, of course, which will not be available until after all Kickstarter Rewards have been fulfilled. :)
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